Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magic Moments

Magic moments happen when your out there, when you least expect it! Catching those moments on film or in this case on a cameras sensor is always a rewarding feeling. This shot came at Spanish Banks , I was shooting these Herons , trying to get them flying in a small flock silouted against the Sun set with no such luck . All of a sudden these two landed right in front of me, with only seconds to react I clicked the shutter, than they were gone . I used a ND Grad 2 stop soft filter and a polarizor. In the end it came down to a 10 second moment in time.
Another shot with a similar story to the above but here the Herons were feeding for a fairly long time. Long enough for the sun to set behind them. For about 2 to 3 minutes I had the most amazing light. No filters needed. I was able to compress this shot with a 500mm lens . shooting at f 5.6 allowed enough light for a faster shutter , 30th of a second, fast for this time of night. Again it all came down to being there and having that magic moment.
English Bay towards Stanly Park offers some amazing Urban Vistas. With a view looking West this is a perfect place for sun sets. I like to explorer when the weather is turning knowing that it becomes a fifty-fifty chance usually ending in rain and no photos ! But those few time when every thing goes as planed the light can be amazing . Finding a composition is usually easy in this beautiful spot however the light does not usually co-operate. This is one of my favorites knowing that this light lasted for a split second . The only way to get this shot was being there set up and ready. This big boat was heading out west when the clouds opened and sent this crazy beam of light towards the boat , I frantically clicked away and in no time the clouds closed up and the rain came back.
These two shots were taken just the other day in one of my favorite hidden little spots. I love the moss and the all green in the forest here , combined that with a beautiful little creek flow and we have a winner. If you wait long enough the sun may break through the clouds and trees and send an amazing soft golden glow through out the forest floor. I absolutely love it when this happens , it seems to bring out color that my eye cant see. I spent a number of hours and over 100 frames later the sun broke through . I quickly tried to capture the light and the composition.
Amazing Moments are any moment in time when you can't believe whats happening, in a good way ! For me it might be the pull from a large Steelhead or the feeling I get from making a good fly cast but more and more I am finding that is is capturing these magic moments from behind the lens . Moments that only last a few seconds to maybe a few minutes , very special moments when the light is just right and the subject matter works and every thing goes as planned . If you spend the time in search of these moments you will always walk away rewarded !

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