Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Whitecliff photo

©Sacred Coast Photo/Aaron Goodis 2012
Some times I think photography like fly fishing can become obsessive. I have been trying desperately at getting a decent shot at Whitecliff Park over in North/West Van. The light still did not go off as I had hoped but at-least the tide was perfect and the ferry interference was low.. I feel I got a great shot but still I need to go back, the light will be there and so will I!
Nikon D300s Nikkor 10-24, 3 Stop Soft Grad ND. iso 100
715 sec F16

Also look out for another Feature article in the BCO Sportfishing Magazine for Sept/Oct 2012
Fly Casting "Back To Basics" Some cool ideas and photography!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just saw the new Summer 2012 BC Outdoors Sport Fishing Magazine and I have a photo packed feature in the issue called "Summer Spey" Stoked!! Check it out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All The New News

 It's been a busy few months with lots of stuff going on so I thought I would post a quick break down of recent and soon to be published work.  Above. IF4 2012 Poster
                                                                  Below. Notes piece for North West Fly Fishing March/April (Photos & Writing)
 Below. Guide Fly for North West Fly Fishing March/April (The Muppet Intruder gets more exposure)
 Below. IF4 Add for 2012 (They are getting their money's worth with this one! :)
- The Dean River "Choppers & Rock Hopping previously published in NWFF has been republished on line this Spring at The American Fly Angler.

- This SUMMER July/August BC Outdoors Sportfishing is publishing another feature article and photos of mine called "Summer Spey"

- This FALL North West Fly Fishing will be publishing a feature article and photos about "Chasing Steelhead On The Vedder/Chilliwack River"

- Fine Art framed prints are still selling through the Oasis Coffee & Bistro

- I am developing a new name and company called SACRED COAST PHOTO slowly but surly the web site will be made and I will let everyone know as soon as it is up and running. It will be a new idea and I think it is going to rock!  SACRED COAST PHOTO ©2012

There is allot more stuff soon to be exposed but for now this is the goods, by the end of the Summer I will post about all the new and exciting things as they happen so stay tuned.

Thank you to every one who fallows and views this blog, your support is very much appreciated and not over looked!
Aaron Goodis