Aaron shooting out the evening in Light House Park, North Vancouver, photo by Phil Goodis.
Aaron snaps the shutter deep in Manning Park, BC, photo by Phil Goodis.

Welcome to Aaron Goodis Photography Blog. Consider this to be my personal space , a space I will share with you. The idea behind this blog is really only to provide my self with some extra motivation to shoot as much as I can. In the process I hope to share help full tips about equipment , tips on how the photographs are made and frankly any thing else that might be on my mind. I am also a very avid fly fisherman so chances are fishing stuff will end up on here to. Please enjoy the images and give any feed back whether good or bad. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I grew up an absolute Fly Fishing fanatic. This Fascination with the outdoors, Fish, animals and water has led me in to a full fledged career in the Fly Fishing Industry, working as a Professional Fly fishing / Casting Instructor as well as behind the counter in well renowned fly shops. I am currently a certified casting instructor through the Federation Of Fly Fishers(FFF CI) and The Adapted Fly Fishing Institute. (AFFI) Also I am on Professional Field staff for G-Loomis , Rajeff Sports and a field tester for Simms Fishing Products. I have always had a fascination with Photography and when one thing led to another ( and in my case this story is best told over a beer) I took the opportunity to learn and apply this medium the best I could. I fell in love with it and I feel like I learn something new every time I go out and shoot, just like fly fishing ! I feel that I bring this passion out in my images and there for tell the story. Currently I have been Published in numerous Fly fishing magazines, such as BC Outdoors Sport Fishing, Canadian Fly Fisher, Hatches, Black Press and The Globe & Mail .

Also I have shot the interior of Fly fishing shops for web site publication . So far one major high light for me has been working as a Venue Photo Supervisor for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games, working along side seasoned professionals was an amazing and very educational experience. I hope you enjoy the images!

If interested in using my Photography for Editorial or stock please contact me direct. Also Fine art prints printed on high quality photographic paper with mat and frame are available. my email is squaretail@hotmail.com

A quick note on photo editing. I am asked often if my images are manipulated in photoshop due to the fact that I am shooting digital. The answer is not so easy. All of my photographs are shot in what is called a RAW format witch in theory is a digital negative that stores as much information as is possible from the cameras image sensor, having said this I am a time of capture or in front of the lens type of photographer. What I mean by this is a strive to achieve the best possible image well in the field shooting and the least amount of time editing in front of the computer. I do not in any way manipulate photos beyond essential digital dark room techniques. These techniques may include color adjustment, exposure compensation, contrast and sharpening, all very typical in what we would have done in a film dark room. I do not use Photoshop, I prefer software dedicated to digital dark room development such as Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture to develop my raw negative witch helps me pull out all that detail. Dramatic contrast caused from bright sky's often found in land scape photography are controlled by placing a ND Grad filter in front of the lens when the image is being shot there for limiting the amount of time spent on the computer. So the answer is NO, in terms of creating fake photos. But yes I do use a computer to develop my images, just not to manipulate them past what I intended to see at the time of capture.

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Aaron with beautiful northern BC Steelhead. Photo by Andrew Redmont.

Thank you!

Aaron Goodis