Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 SACRED COAST PHOTO By Aaron Goodis will be making donations from sold work to the The Steelhead Society Of British Columbia in hopes of helping to save wild fish, wild rivers and a wild environment. Every dollar counts!!
 Photo booth at the Nature Exposed Photo show in Harrison Hot Springs, BC. This years show will be in the HHS Hotel in late November, I will post dates as they get confirmed.
Special Edition Photo Cards. Aaron photographs and hand makes the cards in Vancouver. The theme to this set of cards is Fly Fishing and Landscape with a message of conservation towards our Environment. "I believe that show casing our sport and our environment in beautiful pictures may just help in sending the message of conservation."

SACRED COAST PHOTO/Aaron Goodis is donating $1. per card (Cards are $6. each) sold and hoping that who ever buys a box of cards for retail will match that dollar raising each box to a donation of $50

At this point Photo Cards are available in Michael and Young Fly Shop (both Vancouver and Surrey Locations) www.myflyshop.com
Sea Run Fly and Tackle in Coquitlam www.sea-run.com 

Oasis Coffee & Bistro in Aggasiz near Harrison Hot Springs check out at Facebook/oasis

Or from Aaron Direct at www.aarongoodisphotography.com

Please email me direct for Box orders or single card orders.
Thank You and we appreciate your support!!
Aaron Goodis

Thursday, July 12, 2012

An epic night out at the Banks. It finally feels like summer! Trying out a new tricky filter, it helps to slow shutter speeds down allot! So far loving the effect for these Sacred Coast beach sun set shots.
10 min @ f11 iso 100.