Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well I am back from the Dean River and what can I say , WOW !! This turned out to be a trip of a life time . Great fishing , Great company and Great BC Land scape ! With only ten days on the river I tried my hardest to make the most of it . Lots of photos and of course tons of fishing oh ya the eating and drinking was good to. The Trip started in Hagansberg , a small town just out side of Bella Coola , with a short chopper ride we were landed on the Dean . Time to set up camp and hunt for Steelhead and like usual snap photo after photo. I will be writing and submitting images and story's from this trip to magazine such as North West Fly Fishing and BC Outdoors so stay posted and I will give you the updates . For now I will let the images do the talking. After finishing the edit ( and yes I went through over 16 gigs of memory ) I ended up with 135 photos that I kept to document the trip so I though that I would post only the high lites . Check em out ! And a new quote I came up with is " Be there and bring a camera ! "Scroll down through the next posts to see high light images from the trip . Enjoy ! All Photographs By Aaron Goodis unless noted otherwise.

Angling Epicness !!! On the Dean .

Pink Sky at night sailors delight !
Aaron with a nice Steelhead . photo Steve Oie
Art Lingren with a nice Fish.
Steve with his Dean Steelhead.
Vic and one of the largest from the trip.
Up close and personal with Dean River Buck.

The Landscape on the Dean is Spectacular ! And yes the only way in is by chopper ! All shots above were taken on the Dean River in British Columbia !