Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making A Come Back!

" California Dreaming In Vancouver "
Well I have been off to a slow start this year, but not for lack of ideas and motivation! For those of you who know me well outside of this blog then it is no secret, I deal with an on going battle with Crohns disease. For every one else I will spare you the details, all that really matters is that it is not fatal and very manageable with few life changes and in my case a not so little surgery. I have been dealing with the Crohns since I was much younger so I am very familiar with set backs and restarts.

" Scarfs at Granville Island "
The problem is that Chrons disease effects the digestive track usually in the colon and can flare up at almost any time making it a little difficult to predict the future health wise. ( I stay super positive of course) . So in my case on Jan 5/12 I ended up having a fairly major surgery to remove most of my colon, not to nice so again no details. So basically I have been in healing mode ever since, I am finally feeling good and luckily the procedure was done very successfully!

" Tree Of Recovery "
Now you may be wondering how this all relates to photography? First I am making an incredible come back and the main motivation for me(other than family support and great doctor's) is the act of doing the photography it self. Photography can be a very healthy sport. Yes I said it "a sport". Basically it forces me to walk and in some cases hike long distances with heavy packs ( I will be doing this soon) but most importantly it can be done in your back yard very close to home. So not only does photography promote exercise, thought and technical skill it is also super fun and very motivating!

Thank you for every one's support!
We all need to keep shooting!