Tuesday, June 29, 2010

High Lights " Bull Trout In B.C. "

Even I got lucky , Aaron with a nice Bull Trout . Thanks for a great photo Dim. ! Beautiful remote environments , great friends and bitey fish . What more can you ask for! The next fifteen shots are high lights of what happens when Dimitri , Matt and I go fishing for a day , consisting of a jet boat , lots of rods and a 30 lb pack of camera gear . Even though we had almost nothing but heavy rain and we never did land Walter we still managed to get a couple keepers ( pictures! ) Dim supplied beautiful flies I brought the camera and Matt got us home safe and showed us were the fish would be! Thank you guys for a great day !!
Dimitri knee deep in a back channel .
The weather was saked in for most the day .
A sh-t tone of gear !
Lush green forests.

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