Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crazy Storm light over the back yard, this is an example of great under light and bold naturally saturated color. No Photoshop needed (well maybe just a little) I shoot Raw!
4 sec. @ F18 iso 100
iphone photo
The set up Nikon camera with 10-24 lens set at 11mm Remote release and a bubble level set up on the pod. Tricks would be an ND 8 filter bolted on to aid in a longer exposure. (the tourist remover) and the Lee 3-stop hard edge ND Grad filter in front to cut down that sky.
Take advantage with spots that are close to home. You just never know what you might get.


  1. Great pics, even better to see you are back out there doing what ya love. These filters are mind boggling, I have one simple one that doesn't give me these effects any suggestions for others I may need?

  2. Right now I am using Lee Neutral Density Graduated Filters, they come in Hard edge and Soft edge. The grey upper half starts at 1 stop to 3 stops darker. I have the set in both hard and soft but I find I use the Hard edge 3 stop and soft edge 3 stop the most. I will be updating an article about this in detail soon so stay in touch!