Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Blog

Well it's finally starting to happen , I am building a blog to help clear my mind , more importantly share my images and write helpful short tips about how they are created . Lately I have been pressed for time there for shooting has had to take place close to home. Living in Vancouver I tend to take the beauty of this city for granted . Over the past few weeks I discovered a new appreciation for the city and it's surrounding sea line. Here are a few images that were made in (I hate to say it) cliche spots , however using skill full technique and a few little tricks I feel I came away with some keepers . The shot above was taken right at sun set from the Burrard St. Bridge . The Sunburst is no accident , using a high F-stop (F-22) creates this effect and the balanced exposure came from the use of a Graduated Neutral Density Filter held in front of the lens . More on these tips to come in the next posts.

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